Клуб на Хорото



A long-awaited event for many that turned into a wonderful experience. Sweaty, but happy people merging with the rhythm of music. It is clear that they no longer think of dance only at weddings and banquets, and seek it, and are happy to be a part of the family of horo players. Because of the boom of folk dances in recent years dozens of dance clubs opened its doors.

And now let us congratulate ourselves on THE CLUB OF HORO!!!
The Club of Horo is a place where 24 hours a day you can listen to favorite folklore dances, play at will, watch yourself and your colleagues in numerous coated festivals and events, meet and talk to people with similar interests.
In the floklore dance club every night something interesting happens, so you better come and have fun instead of being just a spectator.

Fitness is outdated, folk dances are in vogue again. It appears not much extravagant to wake up at ten o'clock on Sunday morning and go dancing. At least this is what fans of folk dances say, attending daily classes at the club where they learn new steps. Folk dance definitely works better than the gym, says one of the visitors.

In the Club of Horo may be seen people with different realization in life. Marketing Manager, IT specialist or a farmer. To follow the steps is relaxing and reliefs all negatives of our stressfull life.

This club is working almost 24 hours a day. Dancers come not only for coffee, and a drink. But it is not just another drinking establishment with music, the Club is a kind of House of dance, not very luxurious but cozy and spacious at the same time. Suitable for dancing. It is like the materialization of your favorite site HORO.BG. Environment to maintain and develop the best Bulgarian and native spiritual values. Place for convergence, sharing of ideas and generation of new initiatives. Moreover, the fun here is world class.

You will be welcomed with a kind word and a glass of wine by one of two hosts:
Kostadin Gospodinov - Kotze: Head of the biggest club in BULGARIAN FOLK DANCES Chanove
Borislav Slavov - Creator of the most popular site for Bulgarian Folklore HORO.BG and producer of the first tutorial in Bulgarian folk dances.

The dance club is located in the subway between the National Palace of Culture and the Hilton hotel, near the stairs on the side of the bus stop 94 in the direction of Student City.

130 seats are available.
Daytime access is free.
From 21:00 onwards access is BGN 5.00 (music background)
Smokeing is not allowed.
For consumption (only 18 + years) is offered alcoholic and soft drinks, beer, coffee, nuts and pastries.
Catering may be provided on request.

Reservations are made by telephone +359 888 50 50 45
or email borislav@horo.bg

You are very welcome